Oil Field and Doppler Radar Overlay Image
Oil/Gas Rig
Welcome to GeoSpectrum's oil field Doppler radar overlay! You are currently viewing the most recent Doppler radar image generated in real time - clicking a bullet will bring up a window allowing you to read infomation about the major oil field in the area. You can disable certain colors for a better view by using the controls on the left. To disable all colors up to a certain color, you can simply click on the color from the color bar. Below, you may click links to view a color image of the oil map, view an animation over the past hour, or e-mail the current image to a friend.
Grey RanchBrown-BassettOzonaSonoraYatesGomezRojo CaballosNine Mile DrawMcElroyBLK 31Spraberry TrendDawnhartPegasusCongerHaleyGoldsmithDollarhideBetty SueHoward-GlasscockJamesonKelly SnyderGarzaJo MillAcKerlyMeansRed TankIndian DrawIndian BasinEunice MonumentHobbsSeminoleWelchWassonLevellandSlaughterCaprockMabeeOil Field and Dopler Radar overlay map
View Color Oil Map
While viewing the color map, you may move your mouse and a second mouse will appear on this Doppler radar map.
View an animation of the map over the past hour!
(Because you're loading ten images in realtime, the animated picture may take a moment to load)
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