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GeoSpectrum, Inc. is committed to providing you with the tools and information you need to succeed on the Web. Visit our downloads page to find tools and programs to make your Internet experience easier and more productive.

Where can I report spam that I am getting from other users on the GeoSpectrum network?
You can report spam or other abuse issues to spam@geospectrum.com The information that you provide will be used to investigate the incident. Once the investigation is complete, action in accordance with our policies will be taken against the offending account immediately.

GeoSpectrum.com maintains a "zero tolerance" policy towards spam and network abuse at any time.

If three or more complaints are received regarding a violation of the user agreement, a warning is sent. This rule does not apply to complaints regarding trademark/copyright infringement or illegal activity. If further complaints show proof the a customer violated the user agreement after the warning was sent, the account is put in "lockout" status. The account remains locked out until such time that the customer speaks to an administrator with an explanation of the activity and verification that the customer understands the policy. At thistime,a customer may be re-enabled and warned that the next violation will result in the cancellation of the account. Cancellation due to violation(s) of the user agreement is permanent except in extremely rare situations. Please make sure to include full headers when sending complaints (forward the message directly, do not "bounce" or use "cut and paste"). If you require additional assistance, or have an unresolved complaint, please indicate so in the subject and/or in the beginning of your message.



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